Additional Services

We can perform many different services to meet our clients needs. We are capable of performing a full tear out and install of new landscaping and also French drain Tulsa installation and repair. Making it to where you can’t believe the transformation that’s happened! Small clean ups, just replacing a couple shrubs or upgrading mulch, even seasonal flowers for that pop of color you’re looking for, decks…… we do them all!

Whether you want a design and new build out or you are wanting the old deck boards taken off and replaced with new pressure treated boards deck boards or longer life composite decking. Maybe you want a custom deck out of full cedar. They are beautiful!

French Drain Tulsa Services Retaining WallRetaining Walls

We perform a lot of removal of older railroad ties and replacing them with versa-lok blocks or Brutus blocks. We do on occasion have a project where we go back with new railroad ties but not very often as their life expectancy is short. We can also use Large limestone or sandstone boulders for more of a natural look.



Need an old privacy fence replaced? We can take care of that. We can help with as little as replacing falling down cedar pickets or 8’ tall sections with side bracing and pickets. Removing rotten post and replacing with new pressure treated post or metal post. We can help with a full removal and install of all new or something completely different like split rail, round rail, Ameristar, which looks like wrought iron but not as expensive, gates large and small with or without openers, Side slat cedar, this is becoming very popular in the commercial world.


Water Features

I’m not sure who doesn’t enjoy the calming sound of water flowing over a beautiful rock feature. Bubble rocks are a beautiful and easy way to add that little extra to your beds or patio area. They come with a large basin that holds the water with a pump to recirculate the water. We have installed these both ways in the ground and above with some mason work around the basin to hide it.


Koi Ponds

Another popular item is koi ponds (don’t have to use koi) . The relaxing environment they make is so nice though. If you have never been around a water feature of any kind, I would say find one and relax next to it. Let the worries of work just slip away. Be careful though you will be getting one if you’re not careful.

French Drain Tulsa Services Putting Green​Concrete

There are so many different jobs with concrete. Driveways, from complete removals to just cut out and replace a section with new concrete. Side walks around the side of the house is a big one. Slabs for barns,Backyard Patios, retaining walls, culverts, bottom of the drainage ditch so it’s not soaking wet for an extended amount of time.


Putting Greens and Artificial Turf

Whether you’re a golfer or not, live on a golf course or out in the country with no other house in site. A putting green or artificial turf changes your whole backyard or front. We had a family in south Tulsa that lived on the side of a hill with an amazing view and there kid was a natural on the golf course. So we put a putting green in their front yard. Not sure if you’ve seen the latest technology on artificial turf or French drain Tulsa but this is amazing. Remember that green carpet that you had on your old fishing dock, boat or on your grandpa’s front porch? Yeah that is not it! The new is nothing close, not even comparable. It is slowly becoming more and more desirable in the tulsa area. Because who doesn’t love green grass all year round and does anyone really enjoy mowing in the middle of August in Oklahoma with the temps and humidity thru the roof? If you haven’t seen any, get out and around town and take a look or lay on some, it is a nice addition to any home.


Large Tree Planting

When you think of large you’re probably thinking of a landscaping crew bringing a tree on a trailer, setting it with a skid steer or something comparable. I’m referring to 1 tree that has to be brought in on a 53’ semi trailer and set with a crane. Just in case you glanced over that last part…It was set with a Crane!! It’s pretty cool to see that and French drain Tulsa. Every time we do it I’m still in aww I love it!!!

French Drain Tulsa Services PatiosPatios

Could be an extension or a removal of an existing one where the French drain Tulsa wasn’t installed correctly or going back with concrete or a change from the old and doing something different. Pavers is also a great patio option. There are so many different sizes, shapes and colors that go with pavers. Another option is flagstone patios that have a good natural look. Unlike pavers there are some spacing between the rocks called joints. Using Decomposed granite ( which is also good by itself for around fire pits, walkways or even driveways and parking lots), EZ joint, this product is swept in and washed into the joints, another option is concrete.


Shade Structures

Living almost anywhere, who couldn’t use a pergola or a cover patio extended off the house? Or free standing and shade sails over the pool or just in the yard, maybe in your garden? They can protect you and your tomatoes in the scorching sun. Cedar pergolas is a great look for just about any home. It just makes for a cozy look and is inviting. Sometimes a pergola won’t work and a full cover pavilion with shingled top will need to be the answer. Maybe Boston lap siding underneath with lighting, fans, TV’s. These are great additions next to the pool. With a fireplace or fire pit depending on your lay out. Another thing to think of with these Oklahoma winters is screening in you back patio or pavilion. With these screens they help block the chilly breeze, UV rays, annoying mosquitoes. With a ceiling heater or fireplace, comfy chair and favorite drink you will be spending even more time outside.



Sod is continues item for us. Someone is always tearing it up. Hard to find a pool company that will lay it or put your yard back the way it was. Not us. We’re the one stop shop for it all. We are the people to call when you only want to deal with one contractor for your entire job. I covered quite a lot of the job description above, but that’s not everything we do.

Pretty much it’s in our name if it’s Outside we do it because we’re Outside INC.

So no matter how big or small your French drain Tulsa job is from a 30 minute pull shrub job to your dream backyard we can do it all and you will only have 1 point of contact.