The definition of a patio is a courtyard, forecourt, yard or a little garden in an outdoor space. These are generally used for dining or recreation. Typically they join to a residence and it’s paved.

There are many types of patios and patio designs that could meet your needs. We here at Outside Inc. pride ourselves in our ability to work with our clients and to learn what their goals and desires are for their dream backyard. We will sit down with you and ask you several questions, survey the area and design a Patio that will fit the dimensions of the backyard. At the same time we will take into consideration the existing French drain Tulsa materials used in the construction of your home. This includes matching the hard scape, paint and wood used to complete the project. Patios can be made of a myriad of different materials, like concrete, stamped concrete, bricks, pavers, flagstone rock, composite materials and wood. There are several different types of patio covers that can be used, from pergolas, awnings, canopies and covered roofs that match the existing roof of your home. They can incorporate a water feature, fire pit or even an entire outdoor kitchen.

There are endless ideas. You just need to get started!


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Pergolas come in many shapes, sizes and styles. A pergola is an outdoor structure that helps shade walkways, passageways and seating areas. (Which is how most of our clients use them.) Below is a list of some different types of pergolas that you could choose from.

Types of Customer Pergolas designs:


Open-Top Pergolas:

An Open-Top pergola is an open roof structure which is designed for vines and trellises. This open roof structure gives your outdoor space a framework which gives your backyard the sense of being an indoor room. You are still subject to the elements.


Roof Pergolas:

These are pergolas that have a solid roof or sometimes referred to as a pavilion. They are very similar in design to an open-top pergola. A pavilion is normally a standalone structure with a fixed roof that is either fully or partially covered.


Vinyl Pergolas:

Vinyl pergolas can be a benefit for those who live in extreme weather conditions such as extreme heat, cold, rain, snow, sleet, wind and sun exposure. Vinyl pergolas can withstand more than your traditional wooden pergolas. Wooden structures,in extreme weather conditions, can deteriorate more rapidly over the years.


Steel Pergolas:

Steel pergolas are known for strength and security. Steel is a strong metal that can withstand severe weather and yet maintain its look. It offers a more modern design and is a good choice for commercial projects.


Gable Pergolas:

Gable roof pergolas typically have two sloping roof halves which have a triangular space at the end of the roof. Besides being very attractive, gable pergolas could also be enclosed which gives a little bit more protection from the sun and other elements. The cross beams of a gable style pergola can also be used to support shade cloth, shade screens and bamboo sun screens.


Sail Pergolas:

Sail pergolas, even though they are not considered a pergola in the true sense, have become very popular in recent years. Sail pergolas are also known as shade sails. Typically a large canvas is stretched between several poles of varying heights. They come in many different colors and can be used in conjunction with the more traditional open roof pergolas.

Outdoor Fireplace and Kitchen:


Outdoor fireplaces can add to the ambience of your backyard. They could be standalone or built-in. They can be gas, wood or even electric. They create warmth for those cold brisk evenings or a place to gather together to roast marshmallows for s’mores. It’s great to sit around with friends and family to enjoy the evening conversation, laughter and fun. Outdoor fireplaces come in metal, stone, stucco, clay and many more types of materials.

They can be part of an overall outdoor kitchen plan. They can even come with a pizza oven built over the top.

Outdoor kitchens have become very popular these days. Creating an additional living space where you can enjoy food, drinks and the ball game and much more. They can include refrigerators, dishwashers, cooktops, pizza ovens, fireplaces, TV’s and dining areas. The sky’s the limit on your own personal outdoor kitchen. You never need to go back into the house to get supplies. It can be all there in your outdoor kitchen to make it more convenient to entertain your family and guests. Pool parties and kids swimming in the pool can now be fully enjoyed outdoors with a kitchen to refresh with or even a fireplace in the evening to help you dry off. What a way to relax in your own lap of luxury and never have to leave your home. STAYCATION!

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We work with the top pool manufacturers and installers to create and design Your own amusement park and oasis with rock slides, caves, sitting areas, hot tubs and swim- up bars. You never have to get out of the pool. With the restrictions of travel in these modern times people are choosing to invest in their backyard and create a vacation that they can enjoy year-round. Pool houses are popular as well. Ask us about some of the pool houses we have designed and built many with French drain Tulsa for some of our customers.

French Drains Tulsa Services Water Feature

Water Features:


Water features are a great addition to your French drain Tulsa  landscape plans. Whether in the front or backyard they provide a soothing and relaxing feel as you listen to the water trickle down over the rocks. They can be a statement piece in the front yard or attached to your outdoor sitting area/outdoor kitchen or a part of your pool in the backyard.



Awnings are a way to protect yourself from the heat and the glare of the hot sun as well as protection from bad weather. They can reduce your air conditioning costs by as much as 25% and protect you, your home and furniture from the harmful UV rays. Awnings can be a permanent structure or even a retractable one. There are many to choose from including but not limited to patio windows and door awnings. All are designed with protection, beauty and French drain Tulsa easability in mind.