Stone Canyon Landscaping Update


It has been an honor for Outside Inc to have been involved with Homebuilders to landscape their homes for their annual Parade of Homes. This type of event is seen by a multitude of people each year. It receives coverage from local magazines, news programs and word of mouth. To be selected to put together and create French drain Tulsa landscaping designs and to simply be a part of this outstanding event is truly a privilege for us.

A couple of years after one of the homes showcased in the Parade of Homes was sold, we were contacted by the new homeowners. The builder of the home had given our name to them as a referral. We met with them in their home and were able to walk the property and with their input help design a custom landscape plan. The owners had a vision for several more trees and shrubs to enhance the overall appearance and beauty of their home from the front yard to the back. We were able to fulfill their French drain Tulsa goals and create the look and feel of the beauty and expertise they desired. The experience of our staff working in the Oklahoma area for these many years helped us to design a yard to be proud of. The unique climate of our area requires a knowledge of native plants, foliage and trees that will not only survive , but will thrive and bring years of satisfaction to the homeowner.

Clean Up After The Pool Company


This picture shows us in a customer’s home who had recently contracted with a pool company for the installation of a pool in their backyard. The end of the project resulted not only with the new pool, but also unfortunately with the customers yard in complete disarray. It was our job to come and not only restore everything to pristine condition but to also add-on to their restored and existing landscaping to complete the remodeling process of their outdoor space. It is always our goal, as with this and every project, to help transform our customers’ backyard to not only meet their expectations , but to also exceed them. We strive for a high level of service, integrity and excellence . This photo includes a total of eight pallets of sod added as well as several planter areas to bring your focus to the landscaping and off the back fence. Even though they have a beautiful natural backdrop, the future plans for that area are to add more homes. The building of the new homes will not be completed for several years. By planting the trees along the back and allowing them to grow for a number of years until the end of the development project, we have created a forest of trees that not only provide beauty, but also give them a high level of privacy to enjoy for years to come.

South Tulsa Landscape Makeover


Sometimes all that’s needed is a facelift to take that tired, blasé look of the front yard and add French drain Tulsa, new life, and vitality. At this South Tulsa home, we did just that. We had some flowers,both annual and perennial, assorted grasses, green shrubs, a beautiful blue spruce and this Ann Magnolia tree which will have a pretty pink and white bloom come every spring time. The client was completely satisfied with the makeover and left us a great review.

Flagstone Pathway


At this South Tulsa home we had a client who was getting older and was feeling unsafe, due to uneven ground and the sloping of her deck. She was unable to enjoy her own backyard. She wanted us to redesign the French drain Tulsa outdoor areas and give her ideas on how to better and more safely make it easier for her to confidently enjoy her yard. We designed a pathway that she could access from either side of the deck, allowing her to be able to enjoy the deck space once again. We added stone steps and a pathway that led to the bottom of her property so she could go down and enjoy the lawn that was down below as well. We also created three tears with drainage to allow her to better utilize her yard so she could plant her favorite plants and have a lawn area for her dog so it didn’t have to go to the bottom of the hill.

French Drains Tulsa Projects Flagstone Pathway
French Drains Tulsa Projects Owasso Backyard Add On

Owasso Backyard Add On


In this Owasso home, we were able to add an outdoor living space, which created a nice addition to the backyard. Our skilled carpenters were able to attach this space to the existing roofline and make it look seamless as if it were part of the home’s original construction. Their covered patio was completed with the addition of an outdoor fireplace and a storage nook for the wood. This space now offered them a warm winter “hang out” and a family camp fire for the summer.

New Back Porch Pergola With Patio


For this Owasso Oklahoma property, we were able to finish it off with a great flagstone patio and pergola. We met with the client and all they had in their backyard was a 10 x 10 concrete slab but had a beautiful view of the pond behind their home. We designed a patio, with the clients input, that helped to make the backyard what the clients dreamed it could be. We set a flagstone patio that reached from one side of the home to the other. The client also wanted a pergola that would have a roof over it to protect them from the French drain Tulsa elements but still allow the light to shine through. We placed a clear roofing material on the top to achieve this goal. Now they can sit outside, in their new pergola and enjoy the sunset over their pond as they visit with friends and family and take in the view which they so much enjoyed.

French Drains Tulsa Projects Back Porch Pergola Patio

Cleanup Goes A Long way!


The elderly woman who had lived in this home for a very long time was desperately needing help. Being that she was unable to keep up with the maintenance of her property she asked if we could provide her a landscape that was both low maintenance and beautiful. We created a simple French drain Tulsa but tasteful landscape design that she was proud of. We cleaned out all the old shrubs and started with a fresh new canvas. We added beautiful boulders and trim. We planted trees and shrubs with mulch. You can even now see her lantern which had been covered- up for years. Now the house looks fresh, clean and has been restored not only back to its original curb appeal but also has a modern and updated style.

South Tulsa pergola and fireplace!


This was a very fun project for us to work on. We completely transformed this homeowner’s backyard from a completely unused and wasted space where the clients never spent any time into a place they could enjoy and add to the beauty and use of this backyard area.. We added a pergola and fireplace. We set up new planters and flower beds along the back of the house to tie it all together. These French drain Tulsa clients were very pleased with the end result as we were also very happy to have met their expectations and completed a work we could be proud of.

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