At Outside Inc., We pride ourselves in the French drains Tulsa work we do! That is the one thing that clients always say is that the staff was knowledgeable and Nice! Our Goal at Outside inc. is to provide all your landscaping needs and dreams with a smile and knowledge that makes you feel confident and at ease with all your yard projects!

Do you have the idea of your Dream yard? We can help!

Need help deciding on what to plant in your current beds due to dead plants from the freezes? We can help!

Do you need help with the placement of a bed or French drains Tulsa to make your yard look the best? We can help with that!

Can you not figure out what kind of tree to plant around your pool or in the front yard under the power lines? We can help with that!

Maybe you want the perfect Accent tree in the front yard to wow the neighbors! We have planted trees from 2’ tall to 30’ tall. We can help with that!

Call us and we can set up a Free estimate with one of our knowledgeable staff to help create that yard of your dreams!

French Drains Tulsa Landscaping Tree 1
French Drains Tulsa Landscaping Christmas Tree 2

We have consultants with over 30 years of landscaping and French drains Tulsa experience, and we will put together a custom plan for each property we work on. If you are the person that likes low maintenance with zero-scapes ideas. We know the plants and material to make that dream come true.

Like the Modern clean line look? We have the experts to make that design happen for you! From low growing grasses to trees. We can design with the concept of modern plants in Oklahoma. We have been planting trees and plants in North East Oklahoma for over 20 years! We know a thing or two about Oklahoma! One winter here in Oklahoma we will have 2 feet of snow with sub-zero temperatures. AKA the winter of 2009 with minus 33 degrees. Then 6 months later we have a summer where you can cook an egg out on the driveway. Summer of 2009 with 118 degree temps for 30 days straight. Sometimes I wonder why we live here with all these crazy weather patterns. But I just love the honesty and Friendliness of Oklahoma! That is what I hope you see and meet in Our company and staff! We are all from Oklahoma. Well we do have the one guy that was born In California, But he has lived here for over 25 years so I guess you can call him an Okie!

We can make that dream come true with plants that actually grow here in Oklahoma. Our goal is to provide plants that are proven to grow in our Climate. Using fertilizers and Micro & Macro nutrients with each planting to give the plant and soil everything it needs to survive and Thrive! Our goal is to have plants that grow and don’t become a repeat cycle of dead plants every weather event and you end up paying to replace 50% of your plants again. WE are Outside Inc. and this is our Speciality!

French Drains Tulsa Landscaping Sod 1Is your yard just a dust bowl with no grass? Did the past owners’ dogs dig up the yard and make it look like there were landmines in the yard. So now it’s a mower’s nightmare? We can help. We use some of the best sod in town! We buy from one of the most prestigious sod growers in town! When you see this sod you will know there is a difference! It will not be yellow and look like it’s dying. Unless it’s winter and bermuda just looks dead. It will look like we picked up a field of growing grass and set it in the yard. We install bermuda and fescue sod. No yard is too big. We have installed over 600,000 square feet of sod for one commercial client in one summer all the way down to 20 square feet for another.

Do you have that irrigation system that when you turn it to the one position, Old faithful appears in your front yard? We have experts that can come over and take care of that for you. Or is it a system that was there on the property when you purchased it and nothing happens? We have experts that can come over and do an inspection to see what it will take to have you back on track to creating a yard that you’re proud of. Maybe that wonderful pool company came in and installed that dream in the backyard but left a bunch of irrigation pipes or French drains Tulsa sticking up out of the yard like you were supposed to have a water park in the future. We have the experts to fix that!

No irrigation project is too large or too small for us! We have irrigated a commercial property of over 40 acres. We constantly irrigate yards with a strip of grass or a couple trees with no grass.

Do you want that system to be able to be operated from anywhere in the world? Do you like to travel? Do you travel constantly for work? But don’t know how to have that wonderful yard when you’re not there? Are you afraid of not knowing what is going on while you’re out of town or away from home? We can provide a system that can stream to your phone that you have total control! Say the temps are going to drop to below zero like Oklahoma always does in winter. One day you’re wearing shorts and flip flops and the next day you’re dressing like you’re on an Alaskan mountain adventure. This system can give you alerts but also will have sensors built into it to shut the system down for those events. Unless you just want an ice skating rink in the front yard.

Rock Walls


French Drains Tulsa Landscaping Rock Wall 1​Are you needing to extend that Limestone boulder wall that the home builder did on a budget? Or do you need to install a retaining wall to hold back some dirt or to give you more of a flat area to play in the backyard? We can help with that. Is that old railroad tie wall finally given up on you and you can see where the snakes and skunks live? We can help replace that. Are you wanting to put a house into the side of a mountain but you need to hold back the dirt and water so you can build your dream home? We can do all these different ideas with boulders or retaining wall blocks! Just give us a Call!

Do you need to install a rock pathway around the side of your house so that guests can walk around that wonderful oasis you have in the backyard without tracking through the house? We have solutions for this. Maybe the dogs are running a dirt path in your yard and you want a path of decomposed granite so that they are not tracking mud in the house. We can help with that. We have helped clients with all kinds of paths and solving problems for years. Just give us a call. It’s free!

Would you like that one accent in the yard that you never need to water and looks the same year around? Let’s talk about hardscapes. Most of the time hardscapes are mentioned when we look to accent landscaping beds with boulders. Decorative, one of a kind rocks that make your landscape have that extra pazzazie! They come in all shapes and sizes! Do you have a color that you’re trying to accomplish? We can find most colors to fit your ideas and vibes! Hardscapes are not just rocks though. We can put up fake trees that look good year round. Do you love palm trees but they die in the winter? We can install metal ones to give you that year around feel without the upkeep of trying to keep them alive.

We are here for all your landscaping needs! Call us anytime! We would love to come help create the dream yards that you have always wanted!