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Contacting Outside INC.


There are many ways to get hold of Outside inc. With all the technology nowadays it is a little different than the way it used to be for most people older than their 40’s! Back in the day when you needed to find a possible French drain Tulsa contractor you had to look in this big book that had all kinds of business in it. It was called the Yellow pages. There were white pages also. The white pages were residential because back then everyone had a phone hard wired into their house and when you had to have that long talk with grandma who lived 3 states away, you had to pull up a chair because she wasn’t letting you get off the phone and you couldn’t walk around. Anyways back to the yellow pages. These were all the local businesses that you went to in your area that you were wanting to get a contractor for and see which one of them had the best looking ad. There were all different sizes of ads and some with color, some in black and white and there were also some that just had their name. Pretty much you were just hoping that you got lucky and picked the right one. Or you would just start at the top of the list and work your way down till you found someone in the office and able to answer your phone just to set up an appointment for a French drain Tulsa quote. Don’t let it mislead you. What this era lacked in technology exceeded in hard work and face to face customer services. I love this era for one main reason, is back then when you shook someone’s hand and told them you would do something it meant it and you kept your word! Outside Inc. Where a handshake still means something! So back to contacting us. Now we are in a new era of easier, faster and needing it now mentality. Businesses are having to spend more and more money and finding new ways to get in front of people.

One of the ways Outside Inc. is getting our name out there is facebook. I know not everyone uses facebook but I know it’s easy and so many people have it. I say so many and not everyone because I don’t have a personal account going strong for 7 years! I’m learning that more and more people are getting tired of having the continuous feed in their face all the time. However some people strive for it,love it and they need it. Nothing wrong with either. This is just one of our commutation processes. It has a consistent news feed showing our work of finished and on going French drain Tulsa projects and is helping us to keep our name out there for contacts.

The second social media way is Instagram. “Insta” as those young hip kids are calling it, or just someone cooler than me. We just provide photos of jobs that we are working. I like to have the photos of where the guys are in the middle of digging a french drain or tearing out landscaping. Something that physically shows the guys working thru the job. Before and after pictures are nice but sometimes you need the durning. Especially During French drain Tulsa where you cant even see the pipe in the ground. It also adds that little bit of personal to it. Not just photoshopped with something that you can find on the internet.

We are in multiple networking groups around Tulsa and Broken Arrow also. We are in the Broken Arrow chamber of commerce helping us to connect with loads of great French drain Tulsa business in Broken Arrow! We are also members of the BNI networking group in midtown Tulsa, a lot of leads are generated from this group also. Spark Networking out of Broken Arrow is another way we are getting our name out there. Spark was developed by a couple of guys who had tried multiple different network groups but couldn’t find the right fit. Which I’m sure you can understand if you’ve ever tried a networking group. So most of them, but not all, you will have to pay a yearly fee to be the only person in that chapter that will have your line of work. That fee goes up and goes to the big wigs! Not saying these are wrong or they don’t work because they do! You get what you put into it. If you don’t put much in you will not get much out. So these guys that started spark made it a 4013C, Non profit that gives to nonprofits. So they still have dues that each person must pay in order to be part of the group. They take their dues and give them to the non-profits at the end of the year like hospital house, the Demand Project, and Coffee Bunker. Each year they vote on what the money will go to for that year. I know they are working on a vehicle for a veteran to give away soon. Gotta love people who take care of people!

We have multiple trucks running around town. Each truck is wrapped with our logo, phone number and a little bit of what we do. We also have signs that we put out in each of our yards that we’re working. If we are putting something in the backyard and it is all overgrown because it’s a flip house. People might be like,” well they didn’t do much!” Many people have contacted us based on those signs alone, so they must be doing some good.

One of my favorite ways that we are advertising is from our commercial! You might have seen it during some monday night NFL football games or on ESPN, ESPN2 ETC. I don’t recall any French drain Tulsa landscaping commercial out in the tulsa area and I feel like this could be just the way to get out in front of some of the big boys! We will see. Best of all, please ask your friend, family, neighbors, uncle, grandma, your wife’s boyfriend or your coworkers, who have they used and would they know anybody who has a good experience with a landscaping crew. I’m willing to bet since you read through all this that you have heard of us and it was positive feedback!