The Tulsa French drain might be just what you need if you’re experiencing excessive moisture problems in your yard or garden areas. No matter whether the problem consists in your front yard or backyard, we can help! Unlike some other landscaping and French drain companies in town, Outdoor Inc., offers free quotes! Here at Outside Inc., we are committed to our customers, their projects, and their vision. So whether it’s a French drain or or a soft peaceful ambience from the sound of water rushing over rocks and the tranquility of the manicured yard you are looking for, outside Inc. is here to help!

Did you know that installing a Tulsa French drain will help rid your yard of excess moisture, improving your yard’s overall health, and can even help eradicate powdery mildew disease in your yard caused by excess moisture. Having a French drain installed can also help with grass growth and other plant and vegetation growth by eradicating excess water in your yard, you have more control over the water that you put in your yard, hence, being able to water your lawn and keep it at the correct moisture levels.

If you’re racking your brain asking yourself, “where should I install my Tulsa French drain?”; we have the answer for you! Our skilled professionals can come out and give you a free quote at your convenience! More inexperienced contractors think you need to install a French drain entirely across one whole side of your house, this is incorrect. Our trained professionals will come to your home and determine the ideal placement and technical aspects of the installation of your new French drain system.

When is the best time to install a Tulsa French drain? If you’re having excess water problems in your yard, the best time is now! If you notice that your problem is escalating during a particularly bad wet season, the sooner we come out for a free quote the better! Excess moisture around your home left unattended and unmaintained can cause significant, expensive damage in the future. Should this excess moisture be getting inside of your home you also run the risk of black mold forming and fruiting and even mushrooms growing inside your home! Gross! No one wants that! In general the best time to get a French drain installed is typically before or after the wet season, but in certain cases accommodations can be made to install a French drain even during the wet season.

Here at outside Inc., we believe that communication is key when dealing with our customers! That’s why we’ve created many different ways to get a hold of us! You can go to our website, , where you can fill out the get in touch form with your name and email phone number city and state and just click submit and one of our professionals will get in contact with you as soon as possible! you can also reach us at 918-999-9008
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Tulsa French Drain | You Can Come Here For The Services You Need

We started our tulsa french drain company, Outside Inc, in 2019 with our vision set at making people’s yard their sanctuary or oasis. Our co-founder and Pres. Paul Sullins studied plant health and tree health and high school from 1992 to 1996, as a part of his local FFA program. Within the local FFA, Paul developed a love and passion for trees and plants, and it shows in our extensive portfolio of multiple projects, ranging from creating and designing a 10 acre park for a large ministry as well as managing not one but two 320 acre properties!

Our business has flourished since 2019 as Tulsa French drain experts in the Tulsa Metro areas and surrounding areas. Doing so many French in Tulsa has created love for building people’s dreams and visions for their yards and making them come to pass. You can rest easy as we recently won a five-star rating for quality and expertise from Angie’s list as well as being recognized by Jack Arnold with Jack Arnold architects for all the detail and quality that goes into our projects.

Another part of the tulsa french drain family here at outside Inc. is our co-founder has over 10 years of experience as a schedule coordinator which is great for getting jobs done and completed in a timely manner, which is also great for our happy customers! He was taught from a young man that if you’re not going to take the time to do a job right and finish it all the way, there’s no reason to start it. Those are words that we as a company still live by today; from start to finish we will do the job right the first time!

Joe Gallardo is another cofounder and also the CEO of our company outside Inc. Joe’s first career was in the insurance industry as a salesman trainer and recruiter his hard work and determination made way for him to achieve vice president of operations for a successful insurance agency on the West Coast. Receiving multiple awards from the insurance industry, he was named a national top producer several times and retired after 30 years in 2015. Joe and his family moved here from California 22 years ago. Seeking a slower pace of life and a better life for their children they quickly became involved in church on the move where they worked in the youth program. Joe is a vital part of our company and just a great person in general!

Whether you need a retaining wall, a French drain, landscaping, tree trimming, shrubs, bushes or a maintenance contract on a monthly, regular basis; contact outside Inc.for all your training landscaping and retaining wall needs! Our phone number is 918-999-9008, call today to schedule your free quote! You can also visit us at outside inc to check out our project gallery, read the story of our company, and check out our other services. You can even watch testimonials from our other valued customers under the testimonials tab! If you prefer to be contacted on the contact page fill out to get in touch form with your name, email phone number, city and state and click submit and help one of our professionals will get in contact with you as quickly as possible!