Being a multifaceted Tulsa French drain company, we would like to take a few minutes to let you know why you should recommend us to family members or friends! One reason we stand out is we stand behind our work and do things right the first time. Our customer service is another reason why we stand out from the crowd! Customers mean the world to us so we strive to make them happy with our work even if it means going the extra mile! To see what other customers have to say about our service and click on the testimonial link on our website and feel free to watch all the videos on the page!

Another thing that makes this Tulsa French drain company special and worth recommending to other people is the sheer number of services we offer. Our additional services include retaining walls, water features, fencing Koi ponds, putting greens, artificial turf, concrete, large tree planting, patios, shade structures, and sod. Speaking of sod, we are the people to call when you only want to deal with professionals for your entire project. We have covered quite a lot of dirt up with sod and are one of the leading experts in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. So whether you need a shade structure or you want to put in a new oak tree or put in a call water rock feature in your backyard that adds some ambience to your evenings, choose outside for all your exterior projects!

Our free quotes are another thing that make our Tulsa French drain company special recommending to other people! We have a dedicated form for free quotes on our website. All you have to do is put in your name, email address, phone number, type of project, and service address. Then click submit and one of our qualified experts will get back with you soon as possible! Whether you want the sweet sound of water trickling over rocks or just the sound of crickets in a nice clean and tidy backyard at night we have you covered here at Outside Inc.! it’s your yard, your dream and we want to make it come to pass!

Patio has a definition of a yard or a small garden or a courtyard in an outdoor space. Typically there conjoined to a residence and there is pavement involved in the construction of the floor. There are very many different styles shapes and sizes of a pergola which is also something that we do the definition of a pergola is an output structure that has shaded walkways seating areas and passageways. There are open top pergolas, roof pergolas, vinyl pergolas, steel pergolas, gable pergolas and, sail pergolas. Although they change their looks and styles design construction and overall aesthetic they are all still pergolas nonetheless.

There are several ways to contact outside Inc. the main one is the phone number which is 91899990. You can also visit our website at to view all our customer testimonials and services that we offer as well as the projects that we’ve completed in our website project gallery! We look forward to hearing from you! Just click the contact link on our website and fill out the “get in touch” form with your name email address phone number city and state then click submit and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as they possibly can!

Tulsa French Drain | Why Choose Us

There are several reasons why we are Tulsa French drain experts that you should hire! In this article will go over a few reasons why you should hire us to be the first number you call for landscaping greatness! One of the reasons being is that we are annually involved in the parade of homes by several homebuilders in Tulsa and surrounding areas. If you want a yard that you can be proud of, callokay us and our experienced staff, working in the Oklahoma area for many years, who helped design and build landscapes of great proportion.

Another reason you should choose outside Inc. as your Tulsa French drain company right after pool installation. Most Pool and Spa companies will tear the yard up to get the pool in, people in and then not put anything else back such as sod and other plants that give your backyard that clean and tidy aesthetic that you are looking forward to throughout your entire pool build. That’s where we come in. Outside Inc. can hook you up with new sod, new concrete, even a new pergola to sit under while you enjoy your new pool. If you have recently had a pool installed and need new sod installed or just generally want to spruce up your backyard after your pool installation now is the perfect time to call!

Being the Tulsa French drain leader, we know that after a French drain is installed you are going to need additional landscaping to make the aesthetic of your house look the way you wanted to and we offer a variety of great services that will get your backyard in the condition that you wanted to be in!whether you need a large shade tree planted in your backyard or concrete for a new patio retaining wall to separate a certain part of your yard from another contact outside Inc. for all your exterior home needs!

Our retaining walls are second to none. Railroad ties used to be the most popular retaining wall in Oklahoma but they are slowly being replaced with versa lock blocks or Brutus blocks. On occasion we will replace old railroad ties with new railroad ties but not very often as their lifespan is quite short compared to limestone or sandstone boulders or versa lock blocks. At outside Inc. we pride ourselves on using the best materials that are available for the application. We can perform many different services to meet our client’s. We can do a full tearout or a partial replacement depending on what we will recommend for your particular situation.

There’s no better time than now to contact outside Inc. for your retaining wall and French drain needs as well as all the other services that we provide. I would encourage you to go to our website at and check out our testimonials page where there are droves of satisfied customer videos who recommend us to everyone that they can! Our phone number is 918-999-9008, contact us as soon as you can to get your free quote today!