For the best Tulsa Outdoor Lighting available, you want to go with the company that will beat any competitor’s price as well as has financing options available. We are rated with five stars across the board by our amazing customers and we look forward to keeping that review for all future customers to experience. Our services include, but are not limited to, french drains and landscaping. We offer memberships for home maintenance as well as promise to give you a free quote whenever you are wanting to schedule maintenance with our professionals for your home.

We know in today’s economy that Tulsa Outdoor Lighting is not the cheapest service you can acquire for your home, however, that is why we believe in personal financing options for our customers. You should not have to worry about maintaining the integrity of your home or yard because you can’t afford to do so. Everyone should have the option to get their property serviced and not worry about whether or not they can hire a company to get the job done. Our friendly and professionally trained staff will go above and beyond to find a payment plan that works for you and your family.

You may not think you need to hire Tulsa Outdoor Lighting, but if you have water standing in your yard after every rain, then we think you need to hear about our awesome french drain services. Now, a french drain is not the gutters that line your road or outside your sidewalk, it is a pipe that is put directly into your yard. Even if you can live with water in your yard, you may not realize all the damage it can cause and is more than likely causing to your home. If you have cracks in the side of your home, it could be because you are needing a french drain.

Not only do we provide french drains for your home, but any other landscaping needs you have – we will cater and service it! If you are wanting to turn your ordinary backyard into an oasis on your property, you better not call anyone else. We can transform the ugliest yard into your own Garden of Eden if that is what your family desires. Our passion for our work helps us carry out our projects with pride and integrity. You do not want to trust your rock walls to anyone other than the professionals. Otherwise you will need to spend more money when the price of materials is already high.

To see all the other services we provide our customers and the community of Tulsa, check out our easy to use website at as well as view all of our before and after pictures from projects we have taken on over the years. If there is information that you cannot easily find on our website, then we would love for you to call our representatives when you call 918-999-9008 as well as have them help you schedule your free quote with us for your home. There is no time to waste when your home’s structure is at stake. Do not hesitate and call us today!

Tulsa Outdoor Lighting | French What?

You are only going to find the best customer service this industry has to offer when you hire Tulsa Outdoor Lighting for your french drains and landscaping needs. We are proud to say we are currently offering financing options as well as giving free quotes for any projects you have that need to be serviced. On top of our deals and our amazing work, we have five star ratings that our customers have given us over the years which is proof of the awesome jobs we do on every single project we take on. You can see so for yourself when you schedule your free quote.

Tulsa Outdoor Lighting knows this economy is not the best, to say the least. Our competitors’ prices will always be beat by us and we know not everyone has an arm and a leg they can easily sell to make a quick buck to hire our services to help their home stay intact. Nobody should have to choose between hiring terrible help or getting used to the idea that they won’t have a house in good condition. This is why we insist on keeping personal financing options available to any and all customers who need it. We will also give you the best deals we can give!

What exactly is a french drain anyways and what does it have to do with Tulsa Outdoor Lighting? Well, we specialize in french drains and have experience working with these for many, many years. French drains are so important, especially when it comes to how much water is standing in your yard after each rain. If it is causing your home’s siding to crack, then you have one big problem that only a french drain can fix. And no, the gutters outside your home’s sidewalk on the road do not qualify for what a french drain can do for your yard and house.

Even if you are finding yourself not needing a french drain, we have landscaping options that will turn your mundane back yard into an oasis your whole family will enjoy. If you love hosting or having people over, then we know you will benefit from our landscaping services as we offer quotes that will beat our competitors as well as give you peace of mind knowing you are getting the best yard work for the best bang for your buck around. We specialize in all things having to do with your yard and we know that even if it comes to rock walls, we can help you out!

For all of our before and after photos on all the projects we have taken on, we would love for you to check out our easy to use website located at as well as all the details of our customer’s five star rating reviews. If you find yourself having questions that our website is not immediately answering, then we ask that you call our friendly customer service representatives when you call 918-999-9008 today. Be sure to ask about how we can schedule your free quote along with any other questions you may have before going anywhere else for all your french drain needs.